The Ancient Art For The Modern World

The Tai Chi Steppingstones Method is designed to meet the demands of a busy modern world life.

Work, family, and social obligations can make taking time out of your schedule, take care of your self, workout, and relax difficult. And the Steppingstones allows you to do it.

The Tai Chi Steppingstones began forming when I entered the "Real World" working in the medical and educational fields and became a solidified teaching system during my decade in the corporate world.

While I myself was trained in and now follow the Traditional Tai Chi Chuan path, during this time I found working in the training into my schedule sometimes challenging, for a beginner it would have been impossible.

Classes are designed to allow you to move at your own pace, work more at your own schedule and take full advantage of our virtual training programs.

 They fit well for older adults, those dealing with health issues, or time demands.