About the instructor

Bruce Hutchinson

Began his formal martial arts instuction at age twelve and has studied Tai Chi Chuan for over two decades.

In 1991, he became a member of the original Tai Chi Club at Penn State's University Park Campus and served as president from 1992 till graduating in 1995. He remained an adjunct member until 1997 when he began teaching under his own name.The Syllabus for this group included the Yang Style Medium Frame Long Form of Tai Chi Chuan attributed to Yang Jianhou, second generation master and son of the founder of the style, several Qi Gong forms including Yang Family Breathing, and the adjunct arts of Yin Dragon Bagua Jing, and Hsing Yi Hsing Chuan.

Through the Senior (Teaching) Students within this group and workshops Mr. Hutchinson also had exposure to the Cheng Hsin System developed by Peter Ralston and the forms of the Late Erle Montaique, founder of the World Taiji Boxing Association, the Old Yang Style taught by Yang Lu-Chan, original founder of the Yang Style, as well as the modified version taught by Yang Cheng-Fu (son of Yang Jianhou and grandson of Yang Lu-Chan).

True to the Original Nature of Tai Chi Chuan he trains in both the civil (healing) and martial aspects of the arts

A Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Pennsylvania, Certified Reflexologist, Personal Trainer and Chiropractic Assistant. He also holds the title of Master (teacher) in three different Reiki (energy based therapy) lineages and a Bachelor's of Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University.His main focuses are Structural, Myofascial, and Neurofascial systems, which provides him the unique ability to bridge Eastern and Western mindsets and their views of Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2009 he expanded his limited private practice to include the role of Associate Massage Therapist and Clinical Massage Lead at Kneading Body Spa. October of 2012 he left Kneading Body Spa and At the Reguest of his local clients established The Philipsburg Offices of the Hutchinson System of Integrated Mind Body Therapies and TaiChiTeacher.Org